Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Immunizations - H1N1

I had an experience just the other day. I’m pregnant and went in for a 3 1/2 mo check up. The Dr. asked if I had the H1N1 vaccine yet, and I said “no”. She matter of factly said “that’s ok, we’ll get that for you then before you leave today.” I replied that I would not get it. She GASPED, and said “WHY!”, in a very shocked tone. She wanted all my reasons. I told her this was not up for discussion as I did not want to argu the point. (I knew that if I gave her a reason, she’d probably have a good comeback.) She tried and tried, and then used guilt to tell me “don’t you realize that you are at more risk and you are putting yourself and your unborn infant at risk of dying if you contract the H1N1.”!!! She tried to make me feel like a terrible person and an irresponsible mother… but I still told her ‘no’, and she just couldn’t understand why. While “I” am not an infant, my baby is and will also be affected by any immunizations I would receive. She made an interesting comment to me…. she stated that when the baby is born, he/she cannot have the shot for the first 6 months of life, so if I get the shot now, it will protect the baby now and for the first several months of life… so… if even the Dr. will not give a new infant the shot (see photo - For 6 months and older), then WHY would I want to allow the immunization to get into my 3 1/2 mo old child still in the womb?

I just want the truth, and as long as we are being used as guinea pigs, and they are trying to pump us full of experimental drugs, I will be cautious about what I allow to be put inside of me. We just don’t know what side effects will come of this yet, and may not know for 10+ years, as we have seen of other immunizations, or their ingredients “thimerisol”, and other preservatives, etc…

I hope if I contract the H1N1, it is not serious. (I actually believe I already got it, but it was fairly mild) This could be because I drink my purple (green) smoothie ( every day. I am taking care of myself and I very rarely get sick, so I feel I made the right choice. If I ever have been to the Dr. for something, they always seem stunned when I say “no” to all the sicknesses, diseases on their list – "nope - never had them"… I usually get the "wow, you're just healthy, aren't you?" I just can’t believe they push SO hard to try and make you feel like a bad person if you don’t follow the crowd. One thing I know is that people for the most part, feel VERY strongly about either side they are on… but which one is right? For me and my family, good healthy habbits and good sanitation will take care of most anything that would/could be a potential problem. It isn't worth the risk to me, to take an experimental drug, that may or may not prevent a sickness that may or may not be that serious!

I know this is a touchy subject and I encourage you to take a look at both sides and not just blindly take the advice of your Dr. - They are taught to tell you what they do and in most cases, probably mean well, but it doesn't always mean they are right!

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