Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat?

Q: Halloween is tradition and having ample amount of sugary treats is justifiable, right?

A: Would you intentionally digest poison? Consider this: Poison is any thing applied to the body or ingested within the body, which causes or may cause illness or disease. Sugar could be considered poison, because it is depleted of its life forces, vitamins and minerals. All that is left is pure, refined carbohydrates. The body cannot use the refined starch and carbohydrate unless the washed-out proteins, vitamins and minerals are present. Refined sugar is toxic to our bodies!

Q: Well, eating a sugary treat is better than eating nothing, right?

A: No! Sugar is worse than eating nothing at all since it actually drains the body of its existing vitamins and minerals since it demands those to digest it. Refined sugar is lethal when we eat it because it contains only "empty" or "naked" calories.

You may consider taking that trick over that treat – or grab a healthier alternative. It is ok to want something sweet, but in moderation, choose treats with all natural, whole sweeteners. Some options include, raw honey, molasses, agave nectar and stevia. Bake with these sweeteners in place of refined sugar, and your body will thank you.

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Alive2U first post - Why are we here

This is the beginning of a journey of your life!

Take this oath - Today, I am making a stand, to be a better me! I am going to take care of my health, for my future. The same way we pay insurance for our health or even car insurance. We are taking a step now for the outcome of something that will happen in the future. What we put into our bodies today, will affect the outcome of our health for the rest of our life. I will not let the food industry guide my life, I am in complete control. I choose to eat to live, and will choose to eat live food that is nourishing, that will balance my health, energy... my life!

Who is with me?